Comco UAB was established in 1993. Operational activities of the Company include production and trade in textile products. Comco UAB belongs to the Group Neaustiniu Medziagu Fabrikas associating more than 10 companies, well-known not only in the Baltic States, but also abroad. Today, the Company is situated in the territory of about 2000 square meters and has 80 regular staff members.
Comco is fully equipped with facilities for production of quilts, pillows, cotton, polyurethane foam and spring mattresses, mattress covers, continental beds, bed linen, bedspreads, cushions and similar products and is able to produce up to 0,5 mln quilts and 1 mln pillows per year. Different raw materials are used in production processes, including cotton, cotton/polyester, polyester, etc. Polyester fibre, synthetic material, feather, cotton and wool fibres are used for the product fillings. The production technologies applied in the Company allows for production of different size and model products.
Comco UAB also sew textile parts for prams and provide stitching and sewing services. Fairly long-term experience in the field has taught to work efficiently to ensure the highest quality. Comco UAB offers a wide range of products to our Lithuanian customers and is also exporting to other countries including, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Latvia and Estonia. Overall, the Company is successfully growing and is seeking to grow at a faster pace in the years ahead.

Comco products for cosiness of your evening, night sweetness and morning lightness.





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Comco, UAB

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